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Terms of sale

Terms of sale apply to the obligations and rights arising from the purchase of products from the Tuuletuka webshop (hereinafter the Client) and Tuuletuka OÜ (hereinafter Tuuletuka). In addition to the terms of sale, the rights arising from the purchase from Tuuletuka webshop are regulated by the legislation in the Republic of Estonia.

Tuuletuka OÜ contact:

Tuuletuka OÜ
Narva mnt 7a, Tallinn, Harju county, 10117
Tel. 600 2435

Tuuletuka has the right to make changes in conditions and prices. These changes are visible to customers on the website.


Purchase process

Once you’ve found a product that you would like to buy from the website, add it/them to your shopping cart. Once you have selected all the products you want, click the cart icon in the bottom right corner of the webpage. Then you will see the products of your choice. You can increase / decrease the quantity in the corresponding cell. Updating the cart will also update the price. The red cross to the left of the product name will delete the product from the cart. You also have the option to use discount coupons if you have received them.

Then you have the option to choose whether you want the products to be delivered to your home or come pick them up at Tuuletuka salon. Once selected, you can go to the checkout.

When choosing shipping products to your home, we kindly ask you to fill in the appropriate boxes with the address and other necessary information. Returning customers can create an account, so the checkout process will be faster because of automatically filled information. You can also order products to a different address (e.g., your office). Once the blanks are filled, you can submit the order.

Payment options in Tuuletuka webshop are as follows: pay on spot when picking up from the salon, bank transfer or card payment. After the order, the Client will receive a confirmation email. In our salon, it is possible to pay with cash or card (VISA, MasterCard). If the Client has not picked up the product within two weeks after the order, we will contact the Client or cancel the order. In case of selecting a bank transfer, the Client will receive a confirmation message with the necessary information. After receiving the funds, products will be sent to the Client. If no money is received within two business days, the order is cancelled. In the case of a card payment, the products are sent to the Client after the order is submitted.

You can also view your orders in your account at Tuuletuka webshop.

Products will be shipped to logistics partners within 24 hours after receiving the funds.


Sales contract

The customer will have an obligation after pressing the “Make an order” button and the sales contract will start when the total amount of the order has been transferred to Tuuletuka OÜ account.


Delivery of goods

If the Client wishes to come pick up the goods, this possibility arises immediately after the sales contract has started.

If the Client wants the products to be delivered, Tuuletuka will prepare the order upon payment of the Client’s invoice and hand it over to the logistics partners.

Tuuletuka sends products to its logistics partners within 24 hours, and the exact time required for delivering will thereafter depend on the logistics partners.

Goods damaged in transport (not the packaging) are replaced by Tuuletuka. If this is impossible, the cost of the goods will be reimbursed to the Client. Tuuletuka is not responsible for prolonged delivery of the goods, if the goods have been transmitted by Tuuletuka on time, or the delivery is late due to circumstances that Tuuletuka can not influence or anticipate.


Right of Return

The products purchased from the webshop are subject to a 14-day return right from the time the goods are received. If the ordered product is not suitable for the Client, it can be returned to the web store without giving a reason. To return, please contact us via phone 600 2435 or fill out the following form and send it to for e-mail.

The ordered product must be returned no later than within 14 days from the submission of the application for return of the product.

Returnable products must be unused and still in original package. The right of return does not apply to products such as body, hand, hair care, skin cosmetics.

If it is inevitable that the Client must return the goods at his own expense, the cost of the goods will be returned to the Client, together with the cost of sending. The Client shall be reimbursed not later than within 14 days from the receipt of the application for return of the product.

A 14-day right of withdrawal does not apply to goods if:

  • The product is manufactured taking into account the personal needs of a particular customer;
  • The product has been manufactured in accordance with the terms and conditions of the customer;
  • The product is unfit for use in health or hygiene or has been in use or opened (cosmetics, hair care products, etc.);
  • The product is blended or connected to another product so that they can not be separated from each other;
  • The product has been used for economic and professional purposes;
  • The product is broken due to incorrect use of the device (failure to follow the instructions);
  • The device has been used with inappropriate power supply voltage;
  • The product has mechanical damage or it is broken (eg due to falling);
  • A normal wear and tear of the device, which does not degrade the value or use of the device;
  • The device has been repaired by an unauthorized caretaker.

In case the product ordered by the Client does not match this description or the product has an error, the Client may use his/hers right to submit a claim.



Tuuletuka and the Client are liable to the other party for damage caused by violation of these conditions in the cases and to the extent provided by legislation of the Republic of Estonia.


Force Majeure

Tuuletuka is not responsible for the damage caused or the delay in delivery of the goods, if the delivery of the goods is late due to circumstances that could not be influenced or foreseen by Tuuletuka.


Protection of personal data and security

The information and personal details collected during the process of creating queries and orders is considered confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.


Claiming complaints

Tuuletuka is responsible for non-compliance or deficiencies in the contract terms of the goods sold to the Client, which occur within a maximum of two years from the date of delivery of the goods to the Client.

In case of non-compliance or defects in the product, please contact

The claim must mention:

1) the name and contact details of the client;

2) the date of filing of the complaint;

3) lack of goods;

4) demand for Tuuletuka;

5) reference must be made to the transaction or the document certifying the guarantee, or attached with a copy of the complaint.

Tuuletuka responds to the complaint in writing within 15 days after receiving the Client’s claim. If it is not possible to respond to the Client’s claim within 15 days,  Tuuletuka will notify the Client in writing, together with the reasoning and the deadline for sending the response.

Tuuletuka is not responsible for defects caused by the Client that have resulted from unusual storage or use of the product. Deficiencies include product defects, but not package defects.

In case the product does not comply with the terms of the contract, it has defects or malfunctions, the Client has the right to demand repair or replacement of the product. In case repairing or replacement of the product is not possible, it fails or causes unreasonable inconvenience to the Client, the Client is entitled to withdraw from the contract and demand the return of the money.


Addressing the Consumer Complaints Commission

If Tuuletuka has refused to resolve the Client’s complaint or the Client does not agree with the solution offered by Tuuletuka and finds that his/her rights have been violated or his/her interests have been violated, the Client may submit a complaint to the Consumer Complaints Commission through the Consumer Protection Board or the court. The customer may file a complaint through himself/herself or through a representative. The data of the Consumer Protection Board is available on the Consumer Protection Board website, to address the problems arising in the Member States of the European Union to the European Union Consumer Consultation Center.

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