Tuuletuka - Refreshing hair salon in the heart of Tallinn
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What kind of salon is Tuuletuka?

Tuuletuka juuksurisalongi tiim.

We are a salon of youth hairdressers. Our employees are coming in after they are recently graduated from school, hungry for more experience and full of creative, refreshing ideas. We aim to help these young hairdressers start off their career in a supportive environment. Tuuletuka is not a student salon.

Our young and enthusiastic hairdressers are accompanied by a ”master” – a hairdresser with many years of experience and tons of knowledge to pass on to the next generation of creatives. In this way, the youth have a possibility to ask for help and learn from the appointed master.

Learning from the master, our enthusiastic hairdressers put a lot of energy and hours in becoming the very best. They aim to achieve everything from creativity to technical skills. Having just finished their education, they contribute with a fresh set of skills and understanding of the ongoing trends. At Tuuletuka you can find affordable prices and happy people.

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Our team of hairdressers


Anne-Mari Varbla

Youth hairdresser

Eva-Lota Vainu

Youth hairdresser
Tuuletuka töötaja, juuksur

Margit Pihlak


Book a time with Margit Pihlak by calling +372 5811 9312

Juuksur, Joanna Alamaa

Joanna Alamaa


Feedback from our clients

    5 star review  Super tore juuksurisalong,ja super Virgi-ülimalt rahul tema tehtud soenguga.Soovitan kõigile ;)

    thumb Heidi Adamson

    5 star review  Väga super juuksurisalong, soovitan kõigile. :D Suured tänud Joannale soengu eest. :)

    thumb Tanel Sinijõe

    5 star review  mul juhtus täna nii, et läksin oma õhukesi juukseid lõikama ja Joanna lõikas natuke siit ja natuke sealt ja lõpuks salongist välja astudes olid mul palju paksemad juuksed :) Suured tänud JOANNALE! Supperjuuksur, soovitan kõigile soojalt

    thumb Tiina Naarits

    5 star review  Väga armas atmosfäär ja väga hea kollektiiv, iga kord jäänud rahule!

    thumb Katrin Kazakova