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For a haircut to look beautiful, a good hairdresser needs to have a lot of elements in mind. Every person has their own uniqueness, and so does the hair.

A hair stylist should give professional advice to the client, keeping in mind their wishes and expectations. Thus, can both sides agree on, what kind of haircut will be executed.

Before a haircut can be given, the hairdresser needs to go over a few things. The hairdresser starts with getting to know the hair structure, hair thickness, hair quality and shape of the head. The hairdresser looks over the shape of the client’s head and his/her hair while the hair is dry and in its natural state.

Firstly, the hairdresser should find out the natural flow (fall) of the client’s hair. The hairdresser needs to locate the whorls* and a natural hairline. These usually indicate the overall length of the haircut. The choice of a haircut depends also on the shape of the face and the uniqueness of the head shape. Before the hairdresser can give out recommendations, he/she should keep in mind the client’s own style preferences, body shape, lifestyle, age and more.


Prices from 14 €

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The service of a ”Haircut” includes a wash beforehand and styling afterwards. The price includes all the products needed for the whole service.

*(A hair whorl is a patch of hair growing in a circular direction around a visible center point)

HG haircut

HG haircut is meant for people, who would like to remove the broken threads without losing length of the hair. The result is soft, smooth and healthier hair. The haircut is done with a special HG hair clipper. The result of this haircut can last for 3-6 months, depending on the personal maintenance after the haircut.

HG juukselõikus spetsiaalse lõikustallaga tervendab juukseid pikkust vähendamata

Hot scissor cut

Hot scissor cut repairs the hair. With hot scissors, the broken threads are cut and afterwards closed with heat. This will close the thread long-term and give the hair possibility to balance its natural oil and moisture. The hair will become more endurable, shiny and easy to comb. Hot scissor cut is suitable for everyone.

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