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Hair salon Tuuletuka is small and affordable salon in the mid-city of Tallinn. The hair salon is a daily work place for youth hairdressers, that have fresh set of knowledge, strong will-power, creative potential and cheerful mind. Tuuletuka OÜ mission is to help the young hairdressers, that are climbing on the first steps of the career ladder, to enter the market in the future, and provide them a work spot in a nice and professional team.

A master with long history of professional experience helps the youth hairdressers. Margit Valdna has worked eight years in a hair school and been a director of a big salon for ten years. The hair salon won an award ,,Service Diamond” for the best service in beauty salon industry during the time Margit was their director. The experienced master and the demands of the profession help Tuuletuka hairdressers get more accustomed to the industry, acquire new skills and make those perfect.

Tuuletuka team aims to provide the best possible service. Young and enthusiastic hairdressers give both technical skills and creative potential. They also attend extra courses often, which makes them able to offer trendy haircuts, using fresh techniques. This is definitely something, that helps our customers stand out in the every-day setting.


A beautiful haircut does not necessarily need to be heavy for the wallet. Tuuletuka goal is to offer a more affordable price. We are super grateful to our clients, because every single visit helps our youth hairdressers to enter the market in the future and helps their development as a hairdresser. When you are our client, you see the spark in our hairdressers eyes and you feel their wish to offer you sincerely the best. We give everything, so you could get a positive experience and leave Tuuletuka with a beautiful hairdo.

The smile of our clients is important to us!

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We are open from Monday to Friday at 9-20; Saturday at 11-17.

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