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Preventing hair loss and maintaining a beautiful hair
InSight is a brand, that uses unconventional and innovative methods for producing their products. The goal for these methods is to bring out the healthiness and shine in the hair. InSight uses a wide selection of raw, organic materials, so the hairdressers can bring out the best of your hair. All of the ingredients used are from organically certified farms to ensure the quality of their product-lines. Which is why we have decided to sell InSight in our webshop. Their main mission is to offer you a safe, sustainable and organic products that, not only takes care of your hair, but also the environment.

Simplicity and effectiveness is our choice. Using nature as a source of inspiration, Insight hands you products where the main ingredients originate directly from organic agriculture.

Unconventional and innovative formulations. All of their shampoos are produced without SLS and SLES. Instead they make use of a more gentle cleansing agent, derived from coconut, providing you with a more natural, healthier and safer product.

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