Youth hairdressers salon in Tallinn


You can find us close to Forum center. Walk in to the inner yard from between La Cubanita and St.Patrick. You can see Tuuletuka’s logo on the windows on the first floor.

Narva mnt. 7a

10117 Tallinn, Estonia

Phone 600 2435

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri: 9:00 – 20:00
Sat: 10:30 – 16:30

On this page, you can contact us by mail. Ask, we will be happy to answer! We try to give as much information as possible on the website, but if you seek for a personal solution or if you want to ask something from our employees, let us know!

A bit about us

Tuuletuka is a hair salon in Tallinn mid-city. Our goal is to help the youth hairdressers that are climbing on the first steps of their professional career ladder. We want to provide them with a nice and professional team. The competition for young hairdressers in Tallinn is difficult, because there are tons of hair salons. Therefore we want to help the youth hairdressers to learn and develop on their professional road.

That is also why we have affordable prices. There is a lot of competition in Tallinn and a little hair salon has a tough time to compete with the big chains. We aim to give our hairdressers long working hours and educational experience, so we offer cheap service for a mid-city salon. Also, sometimes the youth hairdressers’ work can take longer than usual – that is also a reason for the cheap prices.

We offer various services for women, men and kids. That includes haircuts, hairdos with blow-dryer and tongs, hair intensive care, hair coloring and perms. Most services include hairwash.


Currently, our youth hairdresser is Kelly, hairdresser is Margit P. and the masters are Joanna and Margit V. Our youth hairdressers have just graduated from Tallinn Industrial Education Center as hairdressers, and started working in our small salon.

Every client’s visit supports our youth hairdressers entering the market and developing professionally. We greatly appreciate that! Our team sincerely wish to serve you the best. We welcome you with a big smile and give our best effort to give you a beautiful haircut.

Our client’s smile is important to us!

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