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Your hairdressers

Hairdressers, who you meet at Tuuletuka are always happy and cheerful. We find positivity, good spirit and cozy work atmosphere super important. We aim to offer our clients the best service, so they can leave Tuuletuka with a bright smile. And with a beautiful look.

Here can you check out our hairdressers. You can also see their previous work experience and why they choose to work at Tuuletuka.

Elis Viilup

Youth hairdresser

  • Eesti Iluteeninduse Erakool (Estonian Beauty Care Private School), hairdresser.

Why Tuuletuka?

,,I was immediately overwhelmed by such a “feeling of home” when I entered the salon of Tuuletuka. It is wonderful that there is such a salon where a young hairdresser can start their career. Sincerely grateful to be part of the Tuuletuka team!” – Elis

Kristi Rogenbaum

Kristi Rogenbaum


  • Tallinna Tööstushariduskeskus (Tallinn Industrial Education Center) Profession: Hairdresser.


  • 09.03.2018
    Sirowa OÜ – Kaja Seppel and German Pinelis – Haircut ABC – long layered haircut
  • 14.10.2019
    Alfaparf Milano – international “Look & Learn” seminar Keratin Therapy & Curl Design.

Why Tuuletuka?

,,I chose Tuuletuka, because I have heard a lot of good things about it. Mainly two reasons, why I wanted to go to Tuuletuka, was the professional hairdressers who have a lot to teach and cozy environment. I also liked the idea, that young hairdressers have a place to start their career.” – Kristi

Joanna Alamaa on Tuuletuka juuksur.

Joanna Alamaa


  • 2015 – 2016
    Tallinna Tööstushariduskeskus (Tallinn Industrial Education Center) Profession: Hairdresser.
    Internship in Finland.


  • 21.10.2016
    Tradehouse – WOODY´S Quality Grooming for men, product course.
  • 24.11.2016
    Sirowa course studio – Trendy male haircuts
  • 29.11.2017
    Sirowa course studio – Stylecraft hairdo
  • 15.05-16.05. 2017
    BOSS S.R.L (Italy) 2-day beauty industry marketing

Why Tuuletuka?

,, Tuuletuka took me in right after I graduated. Usually, post-graduates have a hard time finding a job. I like our team and the flexible working hours. I feel at home, when I am at work, and the employees are my good friends. The fact that I get fresh courses and I am able to ask for help from the master, is also just great.” – Joanna

Margit Valdna Tuuletuka meister.

Margit Valdna



  • 02.2013
    Tuuletuka OÜ
  • 04.2011- 09.2012
    OÜ Ilusalong (Beauty salon) – Galerii HAIREXPRESS – Director, administrator
  • 02.2001 – 01.2011
    INTERSALON OÜ – Board member, hairdresser
  • 10.1993 – 01.2001
    TALLINNA TEHNIKAKOOL (Tallinn Technical School) – Director of hairdresser department, hairdresser (practical and theoretical, vocational training for hairdressers)
  • 03.1992 – 09.1993
    AS Merkat – hairdresser
  • 07.1985 – 02.1992
    Harju TTV – hairdresser


  • 1983 – 1985
    Tallinna 19. Tehnikakool (Tallinn 19. Technical School) – Profession: Hairdresser
  • 2001 – 2004
    Tallinna Ülikool (Tallinn University) – Vocational teacher

Why Tuuletuka?

,,Because I love Tuuletuka! I like the people here. For me, the community is important. I feel good inspiring others and I love to do beautiful work.” – Margit

Tuuletuka töötaja, juuksur

Margit Pihlak


  • 2014 – 2015
    Tallinna Tööstushariduskeskus (Tallinn Industrial Education Center) Profession: Hairdresser.


  • 21.10.2016
    Tradehouse – WOODY´S Quality Grooming for men, product course.
  • 19.10.2016
    Wella Professionals – BRONDE LUXE fall-winter 2016 collection color&cut course. Instructors: Anneli Soonberg, Katrin Soosalu.
  • Spring 2015.a.
    Wella Professionals color and cut course.
  • November, 2015.a.
    L´Oreal Professional trends course.
  • December, 2015.a.
    L´Oreali Professional motivation course.
  • Schwartzkopf Professionals color and trend course.
  • Schwartzkopf Professionals series “Blond Me” course.
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