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Hair colouring

Bleaching or hair colouring is a complex process known by most women today. Below you can read more about the brands, bleaching or just hair colouring tips used in our salon.


We have two brands to help us with colouring work.

We use the world-famous and recognized Goldwell with its series Topchic, Colorance, Elumen, SilkLift. We also have a brand Eva Professional from Spain, which is still gaining recognition in Estonia but has been recognized by many hairdressers world-wide. Specifically, we have the Eva Professional series Divina.One, Divina.Diva, Divina.XL and Superblanc.

Hair colouring

Prices from 26 €



Bleaching is an activity that removes pigment from the hair. Bleaching is necessary if you want to make the colour of your hair at least 5 degrees lighter – both highlighting and overall colouring. Hair that is bleached is often yellow in colour. This is because keratin itself is yellow in colour. Come to us and discuss in more detail how bleaching affects your hair and what we can do to care for your hair.

Questions and answers about hair colouring

  • Is it better to colour in the salon than at home?

The products used in the salon are usually of better quality than when you buy them in a store. In a hairdressing salon, the hairdresser can choose the appropriate hydrogen level according to the client’s hair. The products sold in the store have maximum hydrogen level. It is also safer if the process is performed by a trained hairdresser.

However, if you want to colour by yourself, we recommend choosing one brand that you use regularly. Read and follow the instructions carefully. In addition, in this case, we recommend the use of care products that would help restore the health of the hair.

  • How often do you dye your hair?

In case of light painting, we recommend visiting the salon about once a month. The more often you go, the smoother, more beautiful and brighter the result. If you paint dark, you can go a little less often, but the same rule applies.

Pink colour
  • How long should the colour last?

The persistence of hair colour depends on many elements. The general condition of the hair is a big factor. In case of damaged and porous hair, the colour wears off quickly. Tanning promotes fast colour depletion as well. To keep shine, we recommend using shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair. For example, the Insight series Colored Hair offers products such as Colored Hair Protective Shampoo and Colored Hair Protective Conditioner.

  • If I have black hair, can I dye it brown?

It is not possible to colour dark hair lighter. In this case, the old colour must be washed off or the hair must be bleached. After that, it is possible to colour the hair in a suitable colour.

Price of hair colouring in our salon

The price of hair colouring depends on the amount of colour used and the additional price of the haircut / hairstyle / intensive care. Colouring by a youth hairdresser is 38 €, plus the price of the material is 0.21 € per gram. You can see the price list here.

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