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A four-step intensive haircare with JOICO products gives the necessary proteins and moisture balance back to your hair!

Joico intensive care has been the best in the world for 11 years! A haircare with immediate effect. Patented Kodramin complex is one of a kind with its moisturising efficiency. The secret lies in the size of the molecule, that allows entrance deep inside a single hair. This system has been perfected even further – and therefore it now has intelligent molecules. These molecules have an identical amino acid structure to a single hair, and are therefore super-efficient. The treatment is very effective for bleached hair. The goal is to clean the hair from the residue of previous hair products and afterwards to feed and moisturise the hair intensively. The four-step intensive haircare lasts for 30 minutes (plus the time for drying the hair).

In the first stage, the hair is cleaned in depth, removing the water-insoluble silicones and residue. It also removes the residue of any medicine (antibiotics stay in hair for 6 months).


Prices from 14 €

Joico 4 astmeline hooldus Tuuletuka salongis

In the second stage, the pH-level is balanced from the roots to the ends. That is because the hair is damaged unevenly, depending on the length. After using the described product, the protecting layers of the hair turn elastic. That is necessary for the tiny moisturising Kodramin complex molecules to maximally reach the inside of a single hair in phase three.

Third stage – the hair is strengthened deep inside each single hair.

Fourth stage – the protective layer of the hair is closed, whilst massaging the head.

The result is easily seen also on previously strongly damaged hair. The effect stays on until six weeks. Haircare should work even after the 25th hair wash.

We at Tuuletuka offer Joico four-step intensive care as an extra service, in the midst of other services (such as hair colouring or cutting). In this way, the price of the haircare will be cheaper for the client.

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