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Eva Professional

Eva Professional has been in operation since 1922, supplying professional hairdressers with more than 90 years of beauty hair products. Already back in 1960, the company was the leading mentor and inspiration for the Spanish hairdressing academy. The Eva Professional brand has the best productivity and innovation in Spain. Their highest priority is high quality products, The core essence of the company is to supply you with innovative, creative yet high-quality hair products, from their research and development team, using state-of-the-art technology.
We offer you only the best of the best.
At Tuuletuka we want to offer you the best products for you hair. Which is why we have decided to offer you products from Eva Professional. Every single products is carefully adapted to what the market needs and wants.

We’ve hand-selected a few products, which we have seen help customers maintain beautiful hair. The E-line contains products for all hair types. It helps your hair maintain a healthy and shiny look, supplied from the natural extracts in the products. The Capilo line contains no sulfates, no silicones, no alergens and no parabens, giving you a chance to recover from dry and damaged hair, giving you the strength it once used to have.

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