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Hairdo with blow-dryer or tongs

A trendy hairdo fits perfectly for a glamorous cocktail party, a lovely date, a graduation or just for a special day. It adds enormously to the look, completing a beautiful dress and a fantastic make-up. A nice hairdo leaves a long-lasting impression.

Tuuletuka hairdressers use blow-dryers, tongs, or other equipment for hairdos. Every method has its own advantages, and our hairdressers will know which one suits the best for you specifically. The client and hairdresser will discuss expectations and wishes before the hairdo, so we could offer the best possible solution.

We also offer hairdos for evenings (parties) and weddings. When choosing one of these, our hairdressers will know how to prepare. These services include special techniques and therefore need a skillful hand. We recommend a hairdo for the evening (party), when you are in need of a very formal/elegant solution right before the event.

Pidulik, lihtne ning elegantne soeng pikkadele juustele.

Hairdo with blow-dryer or tongs

Prices from 17 €

Hairdo with blow-dryer

A hairdo with blow-dryer starts with a light wash, so the hair would have volume and be  as fresh as possible. This way, the result will also last long. The light wash includes treatments with shampoo, balsam and a head massage. Different hair products, that specifically fit the clients’ needs, will be used in towel-dry hair. This is needed to be able to lift the hair roots and give volume for the hair. If this part is done great (lifting the roots), the hairdo lasts longer. Afterwards, the hair is curled up with a roller brush. If necessary, some parts can be emphasized with hair wax or paste. The hair is then fixed with hairspray. Nowadays, the sprays are easily combed out and don’t feel like a ”helmet” (even the strong ones).

A hairdo with blow-dryer might not always be 100% perfectly fixed. For a great every-day look, one only needs a light blow-drying session and good products. These will emphasize your haircut. We can give you advice on which products are good for you!

A hairdo with tongs

A hairdo with tongs is made in clean and dry hair. The time spent on these hairdos depends on the length and thickness of the hair. Curling tongs take the most time, due to the need to fix the hair with wax or other styling product. When booking a time for these types of hairdos, keep in mind – the longer and thicker hair, the longer it takes. Hair straightening and partial creping takes less time than curling long hair with spiral tongs.

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