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A good hairdresser should always be able to do proper and outstanding perms. Nowadays, the popularity of perms has gotten lower, due to the large amount of available haircare products. There are products that give volume and lift the roots, also products that smoothen and bring out the natural curl. In the past 15-20 years, the hair cutting techniques have also cardinally changed. They can successfully provide the customer’s hair with extra volume. However, one could also create the required amount of volume for just the part of the hair, where it is most needed.

If you would like to try more permanent curls, you can always consult with us. Together, we can figure out the condition of your hair, so the perms would not look ”wisp”. Most women colour their hair often, which also would affect the perms.

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Overall, perms are mostly done in short hair, so it could grow out faster. Nowadays there are dozens of haircare solutions, varying by their effectiveness and strength level. But most hair need only a stronger curl, and it will do the trick. These give good haircut a light support and don’t require any extra effort after wash.

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Keep in mind, that perms look good in healthy hair. Meaning, that new perms can be done when the previous ones are grown out. Then the hair has had some time to rest too.

Perms can be done in longer hair too. Then the perms need to be strong enough, so the length of the hair wouldn’t drag it out. When doing perms in longer hair, the most important part is selecting the right tools. In this case, the hairdresser needs to take into account all the procedures, that the client has done in the last few years. It is not important, what the hair looks like, when it is dry. The decision of ‘perms’ or ‘no perms’ needs to be made, when the hair is washed without balms and masks.

People think, that perms mean ‘less effort for everyday haircare’. Actually, for taking care of a beautiful perm, it is necessary to use moisturizing hair products, that are for curly hair. That includes sprays that keep the perms from becoming messy – we can recommend more at our salon.

Perms will take around 1,5 to 2 hours, and with especially thick hair even 3,5 hours.

Perms take approx. 2 hours to do, but the result looks great.
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